Cardboard house, My House 2 - Bathroom & Potty-Training 我的涂鸦纸板小屋(浴室厕所主题)

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Product Details 产品详细介绍

My house 2 provides various themed spaces, such as the toilet and the bathroom, and by allowing children to paint their own spaces and role-play with their friends and family. The product stimulates children's imagination and adds creative fun. 

By connecting My house 1 and My house 2, you can create themed play spaces. 

Create your children's uniquely customised play space. 

This product can be easily assembled without adhesives or scissors. 

Simply by folding and connecting.

We have eliminated the risk of paper cuts by using wave-cut(corrugated cuts) on all sides of our products. 

Recommended Age: 3 years +

Assemble required by Adult: Yes


通过连接My house 1和My house 2,你可以创建主题游戏空间。